Sayonara, rose-colored glasses...


So I’m really excited for 5.0.4

But guys. I logged in for a quick second. 

How do I lock? What is this ish, I don’t even…


A part of me knew that waiting to be ‘surprised’ was a bad idea. 

Looks like I’m off to see if EJ has any pearls of wisdom for a destro chick. =[

Dear Tumblr.

So at first I was devastated, because I was only pulling 9.5k dps on the training dummies. And while I’m not the most skilled, I usually average 25k. I felt my soul break.

And then my guild mentions I might have to respec, and I just didn’t even want to think about it. I love Destro, dammit!

But I WAS PRACTICING ON A RAIDING DUMMY. WHICH HAS BEEN UPDATED TO LVL 93 OR SOME STUPID SHIT. I didn’t even think about it til another guildie said something.

I’m a moron. I wondered why I was having such problems landing spells even though I’m at hit cap. 

Tried on a regular dummy- back up to 22k. Gotta work out this burning ember system.

But all is well again. <3

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plot twist: just when Victoria Foyt begins write up “Save the Pearls”, the most beautiful hand rests itself upon hers. Surprised by such a presence, she looks up and finds herself gazing into the immaculate face of Kanye West. “No” he whispers. A single tear drop rolls down her cheek.”Ok” she says and proceeds to sleep for a thousand years.

The world never hears of “Save the Pearls” ever again.